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Welcome To Ceremonies By GieGie

Angie Bailey is the founder, Lead Officiant, and marriage minister for Ceremonies By GieGie, a wedding services firm specializing in designing heartfelt and memorable wedding ceremonies.

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My Story

Angie's experience includes working with a range of engaged couples from numerous cultural backgrounds and curating stress-free, joyous ceremonies that leave a lifetime of joyful impressions. Angie has performed weddings throughout the Atlanta area and is sought by many. She connects closely with engaged couples to perform personalized ceremonies with charm, warmth, compassion, and a bit of her signature humor.

This premier Officiant executes with extreme attention to detail, performing vows tailored to the couple's unique love story. She ensures that their experience is entirely distinctive and reflective of their special bond.


Inspired by the couple's own love story, Angie takes great pride in assisting your walk down the aisle to start your next chapter in a manner you have always envisioned in your dreams. It's one of THE most important days of your life!

Don't wait until the last minute to reserve an Officiant for that wonderful day.

Most experienced officiants are booked well in advance.

Tip: Book your wedding officiant, as soon as you reserve the venue.

Your love story is her joy!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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